Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gravelly Point

Gravelly Point is a popular spot along the George Washington Parkway for watching planes take off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Birders appreciate it as a spot that can be good for gulls, waterfowl, hawks, sparrows, and surprises. Last May, 20-30 Bobolinks stopped there for a few days.

Yesterday, a top local birder reported that he saw a Vesper Sparrow there. Birders are used to "one day wonders," but when another report came in this morning, I headed over there with high hopes that I might get lucky. I have no good photo of this species and have seen very few of them in my life.

The birding gods didn't smile on me, however. The Vesper Sparrow was said to be in the company of a Savannah Sparrow yesterday. I did see a Savannah today (photo above), just one, and it had no Vesper buddy. The only other interesting bird I saw was a Cooper's Hawk sitting atop some runway lights. You don't suppose.....

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